Wednesday, April 15, 2009

MY Vanilla Pixie!


Recently I offered to make a banner and avatar set for a fellow Aussie DUST team member on Etsy - it was the best fun! I based her lil pixie on a pixie that I made earlier! My Charlotte is chuffed to be 'famous' on the 'inter-wave' and she also loves wearing Carley's clips - the best thing is they don't slip out of fine girly hair and they are so respected here by their mini-owners that they are the only clips that are packed away after use and all my girls are super happy to have their hair done now that they get to be 'Vanilla Pixies' all day long! The designs are made funky, frilly, girly, spotty - prety much suitable for every occasion, dressed up with a pretty dress or dressed down with a tee and jeans. I have found they are good for school wear too as they don't fall out at sport time. Also Miss Charlotte (above and gorgeous) can put them in on her own making her feel even more the independant miss that she is!

Thank you Carley for making such beautiful clips and allowing me to create your cute lil banner set - may it set you apart from the sea of creators on etsy and be as memorable as the design of your clips.

Quick - run and make your girls Vanilla Pixies today and make hair-do time fun!

Clips on sale:
Big girls can wear these too:


Beadsme said...

So sweet, cute smile. just want to pinch her little cheeks.

Leanne Lonergan said...

Robyn...Carley's avatar is just so gorgeous now I see why....what a gorgeous model!!!!!

vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

I'm thrilled that your 'pixie' loves her clips!! Just as thrilled as I am with my new 'outfit'. Thanks so much Robyn for an awesome job (and feature!!)

michvanetta said...

Beautiful banner and avatar to compliment Carley's beautiful shop.

Your daughter is gorgeous Robyn!

Maggie said...

What a delightful story behind Carley's avatar. Very cute kid and the avatar is really eye-catching.

lyptis said...

OMG Robyn, Carleys new avatar and banner are so cute!!!

And ur own little vanilla pixie is soo cute too!:) Aah, sweet!
She must be really quite proud of herself being all internet famous!:)