Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Life is Good!

It has been a beautiful day in my life. The overall picture of my day may not sound that wonderful but the snapshot of memories that I have filed away in my mind show that it has all been worth it. The many 'I love you's', smiles, (small) accomplishments, sweat and even tears (of laighter) add up to much more than the sleepless night, boring duties and everyday dulldrums. The happiness created outweighs any negativity by far. These are the days that count in your life. When life pushes you to your very limit and then you find out there is so much more of you than you could have even ever imagined. Your limits are like created fences and don't they say it's always greener on the otherside? So why should we not live on the edge? Why give up when life seems hard? To me this is only the universe asking me to step over my inner boundaries and forge ahead with renewed vigor.

My life is hard right now but for good reason. I have four young children, a household to run and a loving husband (to be) to spend quality time with. Oh yes, and I have me too - seem to forget that sometimes, too often really, and I shall have to remedy this.

I am starting this blog to keep me in line! Also to 'show off' some of my new creations - who to? Actually to myself. I need to see what I am doing with my life, I need to see a truthful picture of myself. Many other people have been telling me lately that I am a fantastically unique person (I think this is a good thing!) but I think I must see it to believe it myself. I also want to have this blog to boost my inner energy - so I can remind myself that it is never ending and one must always push themselves to the end, hrmm which is death... how morbid of me to say so! But it is true. This also reminds me to not waste time, a single moment, to live every moment like it is my last, because maybe it is and hopefully it isn't!

I have always been creative, I can't help it, I just am. I always thought this meant I would be an artist and I might just be (of the bull variety I am at least!). I have started selling some of my beaded creations online (wearable art I like to call it.... yes, jewellery) so I can share some of this creativeness about, all over the world if possible. I want to sell it to show myself worth too, because I am worth it and my time is worth it. Sharing and money, why not!

Above are a pair of earrings that I made not so long ago. I really love these but they are not for my ears and are waiting for their owner in my etsy store: as is their matching necklace. I hope to make some more sets shortly. There are so many pretties here in my house to use and I will not use any more excuses to procrastinate! It is time to find some time. In my busy life there has to be five minutes here and there that I can use to my advantage. I will make creating with beads my new 'treat'. Sounds like a plan that I can enjoy.
I have also decided to make myself lists once more. I like lists, they force me to be ordered in some ways. The only rule I must make with lists is to always be positive and to not have a strict time table either! My husband (to be) does not like my list making so I have stopped making lists, for six years I have not made lists (on purpose). The reason he doesn't like my list making is because it shows him my negative self-drive. So I stopped making my lists and therefore stopped showing my negativity regarding them and showed it in so many more ways! So instead of stopping writing lists I will just stop being negative about them - sounds so easy! And it will be easy if I say it will. Because I AM positive, already... now just to start living like I am! So, there will be lists and I will be proud of them and I will let them show me my accomplishments for the day and to keep me on schedule and also show me that I am a messy person, and that thats ok! I will make abstract lists that don't have to run in any particular order ... I wonder if in fact they will still be lists?
Tonight I shall make some gemmie and sterling pieces. I am aiming for one necklace and one pair of earrings, I don't think that is too much to ask. I do only have one more hour of today though, so I should hurry and create.


HammelmanArt said...

so! Your first post is up and running! Good for you!

rockcreekcreations said...

What an interesting first/should be first post. I'm going to book mark you to keep an eye on your progress.

Waterrose said...

Very cool! Good luck with your blog! the way, lists are good as long as you don't make yourself crazy...I love the feeling of checking something off!

Beadsme said...

Good luck with this. What a great first post. I love those danglies.

Anonymous said...

Those earrings are just gorgeous - goodluck with your blog. Your off to a fantastic start.


Kylie B said...

Fantastic! enjoy the Blgging, it will reward you,keep at it!