Saturday, September 13, 2008

I CAN do this....

... has been my inner thought today. I had to attend a childs party today at a massive warehouse sized play centre, with my four little children, alone, with a group of people I don't really know. Going to a place I haven't been to, and make conversation with other adults (so not used to this these days!). I complained all morning while getting us all ready, mostly internally but there were some displays of my dread in the form of me being snappy. I was also over-tired and that is my excuse and I am sticking to it!

The party was borderline ok for me. The kids had fun and that's the main thing and they were relatively well behaved. Even the other children invited played well and everyone seemed to have a good time. The mothers on the other judgemental. I arrived late (as per usual but I am working on this!) and there was five minutes of playtime and then the children all went upstairs to eat in the party room. I went to follow my kids upstairs and the grandmother of the child whose party it was told me 'No hun, thats just for the kids to go, the parents stay downstairs and have nibblies'. I felt a bit strange leaving my kids because I am never usually far from them but I did like the idea of having a little time out and nattering away with the other adults. When I did come back to the table, there were two mums who I haven't met before and they were chattering away about this mother who had four children and was just sitting down stairs and leaving it to everyone to look after her kids. They went on to say some other things that were very nasty about myself and two of my children and then turned to me and said ''Oh we are just talking about that young mother with the four children, leaving them to be looked after by everyone else, how irresponsible'', before I knew it my mouth was speaking without me, I smiled so sweetly and said ''Oh yes, that would be me that you are talking about''. They didn't know what to do with themselves, and I introduced myself and told them it was nice to meet them - ha!

I checked on my kids and they were very well behaved but scoffing down the food like they have never eaten before as per usual! The two other catty mums were right behind me when my eldest girl, 4, said to me ''May I leave the table mum, I have to use the bathroom'' and I thought to myself, see, I am a good mum, my children have manners without me prompting them! I know it was such a little thing but I love that your children can heal your wounds, just with simple words they can make you feel better. I must say I didn't hear anything else too catty after that which was good, because I was so not in the mood! *must be positive, I CAN do this*

I wore some of my creations today with pride. A simple pair of 10mm white shell pearl earrings dangling from dainty sterling chains. With a pendant (above) called 'Grevillea' made from gemmies and swarovski bicones on artistic wire. They made me feel good and reminded me that I need to create more wired pendants. I must make some for myself and those I know before I make some to sell, but there will soon be some in my store .

My husband (to be) is a wealth of knowledge and he teaches me many things everyday that I am amazed with but it is a shame that I seem to forget it all! They are usually totally random things. Like today in the car the word 'sabotage' came to me (it was a word that I was looking for in my mind yesterday but could not find it!), finally out of the blue, there it is! So I mentioned this to him and he said, 'oh do you know where the word sabotage comes from?' he went on to tell me the tale of it originating from sabot (old style of fighting which means 'old shoe') now referred to more phonetically as 'savate' where back in France there were some studiers of the style of fighting that wanted to strike at work so threw their old shoes into machinery and therefore deliberately and maliciously destroying the property of another! I did find this interesting, but not sure it will stay in my sieve of a brain!

A few blocks down the road we were waiting at lights where there is a pub on the corner called 'Kings Head', I was staring at the title absently smiling to myself 'what a silly name' I thought... as if he had heard my thoughts he piped up with 'Oh you know why they called pubs strange names like 'the kings head' and 'the harp' and 'three wise monkeys' etc?', ''No?' I answered knowing that I was about to go on a journey of knowledge. Apparently back in old times before people could read they used to have pictures up instead of words because most people could not read. I mean what is the use of having a lovely sign containing words if no one could read? So they used to have a big picture of a kings head on the front of that tavern, which still seems weird. But I guess that kind of explains the reason for having such a far out name, I mean if they had some such common thing as say a bunch of bananas you would spend alot of time explaining to those around you that you were going to the place called bananas... not just going bananas which is something different all together.

I wonder if anyone else has someone in their lives that knows so many things. I believe it is a sign of intelligence but my husband (to be) just thinks it means he has a good memory and therefore he is knowledgeable. To me he is much more than that. Many people find him too much because he knows so much it makes them feel stupid they tell me.... but the way I see it is that they are not confident about themselves and it is them bringing out this unsureness. It is their inner demon telling them that they are dumb. I am sure that they aren't but maybe they are not so sure. I am like a sponge soaking up all the information I can get from those around me in life, its just a shame that I can't seem to keep it in the brain! Memory can be trained and worked on can't it? Hrmm or maybe it is the gift of recall I don't have, maybe it is all still in there waiting for me to retrieve it. I am amazed that we only use such a small part of our brains, I wonder what the rest of our brain does that we don't many thoughts, such little time!
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The above flowers were taken with my new camera on my nephews birthday party in August just past. I had to get down on the ground and photo these gorgeous flowers. Since I got my new camera, the nature around me has come alive, especially flowers, I see them everywhere. Their colour was so perfect and beautiful. I just love purple, I always have since I was a toddler my mother tells me. I took my camera inside to proudly show off my find and my sil took one look of them and said ''Oh yes, the weeds out the front, I have been meaning to pull those up I just haven't had the time!'' It amazes me how differently people see the same world around us. Today I have been amazed at how different we all are and this has brought me back to thinking about unique me. Speaking of that, I must go and tackle my internalised list, kitchen to clean, lounge room to tidy and reward these duties with jewellery making. Sounds like fun to me *focuses on the making of jewellery part, thinks of beads she will use!*

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