Friday, December 12, 2008

Well, aren't I a slacko!

I have been wanting to write, meaning to write and then ended up doing a lot of 'not writing at all'. I was walking along at the shops the other day thinking just this - must post on blog. It is then that it dawned on me, thinking about it doesn't help it get done! So I stopped thinking about it and low and behold here I am two days later actually posting. I have had a little think (yes again) about why I may not be posting and I guess it is because I wanted to write an extra good, witty blog at all times and sometimes I am just not in the mood, and when I am I have not been near the computer. Excuses aside, I have obviously worried about it so much that I have built it up into something much bigger than it is! This must be when thoughts turn to worries and worries weigh you down.

So I have been thinking 'take action' everytime I start worrying about things and it has been helping me get some things done! I am also realising that I am not as bad at procrastination or organisation as my family and friends would like to make me believe and that I am not going to take any of their negative comments on board anymore! I will feed my lil head with lots of supportive commentary and really try my best - rather than just deciding I will always be a certain way.

Change is a good thing, afterall life is just one big transition, right?

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The Empty Envelope said...

I know what you mean! I'm now on the look out for Fantastic Photos to take and if I don't have an FP for that day, why bother? LOL. Oh well.
It's a learning experience!